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Our logo

  • A cup of tea - the initial offer of friendship to all. The desire to build bridges and forge peaceful ties.

  • The yellow/orange swirl - A nod towards the rainbow flag of inclusivity as we intend to protect and support minority communities, after all, a great party needs great people. (Also an artist impression of the early Beatles LPs from Capitol records: Britbar is the brainchild of a Liverpudlian)

  • The punk union flag - the fun side of British culture.

  • The ransom letter font - A reference to the famous album cover 'Never Mind The Bollocks: Here's the Sex Pistols'. We support live alternative music of all kinds except country music.

Yellow/orange swirl

stamp britbar.png

Ransom letter font

Punk union flag

Our Location

Located in Downtown Penticton, British Columbia, Canada: Britbar is a fashionable, yet approachable British themed pub/live music venue. 

The location was originally a Kelly O'Briens franchise in the 1980s and early 90s. After parting with the franchise, the venue was opened under the name 'That Irish Place' as a nod to the past. The Pub was then opened under the name 'Voodoo's', as a live music venue. 

From approximately 2010 onwards, the premises was seldom open for business and eventually became vacant, requiring major upgrades and renovation.

full bar_edited.jpg

From 2017, extensive base building upgrades and renovations were undertaken by a British expat - Wayne Kerr. Sufficient work was completed to open in mid 2018. Unfortunately, due to the complex bureaucracy in the province of British Columbia, the business operated as a restaurant for some time, rather than a neighbourhood pub and live music venue. The Covid-19 pandemic effectively extended this period by 2 years due to restrictions in liquor sales. The project was perservered with however, and in addition successful applications for a 3am liquor primary license, patio and capacity upgrade were made to the province and municipality. Britbar is now one of the few premises in British Columbia that not only meets modern building code and hygeine requirements, but showcases live music until 3am!

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